Grandson of world renown saxophone player Loyd Pearson Chris Black’s (R. Chris Greene) temporary and only formal musical training started with the tenor saxophone and only lasted a few months around age 11 . At the age of 12 Chris Black began living the beginning of his institutionalized lifestyle stemming from a suicide attempt nearly killing him and landing him in the hospital at 12 . From ages 14-17 Chris moved 33+ times through the system of foster homes and group homes till where at 17 he was considered a legally emancipated adult starting from the upper-middle classed suburb of Shaker Heights ( MGK , Kid Cudi ) then living independently living as an adult at 17 in subsidized housing in a high crime and poverty area.
Chris’s bouts with group homes, foster homes and jail led him to a diverse alignment of friends personalities and lifestyle perspective . Luckily to Chris Black is still here to report his findings on life people and the pursuit of happiness.